Sorry for not doing predictions for this week of games, I’ve been busy with IRL stuff the last 2 weeks and couldn’t get around to doing them.

Trav2s (2) 2–1 Econ (18)

Game 1 MVP
Mirage (10–2–9 pos. 2 Void Spirit)
In a one sided game 1, the midlaner stepped up and was apart of 19 of his teams 24 total kills, grabbing a game high 10 kills. In an otherwise 1 sided affair, all 3 of the cores from the Trav2s team had double the deaths as their supports. (noob fedders ;v)
Game 2 MVP
Double King (19–1–12 pos. 1 Troll Warlord)
The Econ stack realized that in order to put DK on a comfort hero they’d need to 1st phase it in order to skip the ridiculous triple ban 2nd phase. They pulled out his Troll and he stomped the server. Although the game lasted 52 minutes, the game was pretty 1 sided as the Econ team was in control most of the game. This game was also highlighted by a Stang solo kill on Mirage’s TA in early laning as Zeus.

“Guys why am I moving so slowly?” — Ghost at around 20 minutes

Game 3 MVP
Ghost (0–1–16 pos. 3 Abaddon)
Despite just not buying boots for 30 minutes, ghost had a ridiculous game as an unkillable frontliner for the Trav2s team. Overcoming an early 3 minute death and was able to keep him as well as his cores alive the rest of the game, who totalled 3 deaths between the tricore.

Lala (3) 2–0 CC (19)

Game 1 MVP
Lala (6–3–14 pos. 2 Nature’s Prophet)
The captain once again put up a big showing as his team took a 1–0 series lead. The kill score was indicative of a close game, 29–21, but the Lala team held control of the game for the majority of the time and was able to finally close it out in just under 41 minutes.
Game 2 MVP
EmperorOfAsia (16–2–8 pos. 1 Slark)
Much like game 1, the Lala team controlled the majority of this game, but game 2 was a much more dominant performance than game 1 as they finished the game in 30 minutes. Winning all 3 lanes, the Lala team never looked back as they had only 4 core deaths as they put themselves in the RO8.

Matieu (4) 2–1 Pishtya (13)

Game 1 MVP
Sexysteve (9–3–10 pos. 5 Witch Doctor)
In a reversal of Pishtya’s game 1 from last week, they got utterly stomped in this game, losing in 24 minutes. Sexysteve put up a game high 9 kills from the 5 position as the Matieu team put themselves in a commanding 1–0 series lead.
Game 2 MVP
Hemsworth (8–5–12 pos. 4 Phoenix)
Despite KILLAYOUA’s 13 minute battlefury-treads on Anti-Mage, Hemsworth put up a huge game on his 4 Phoenix, leading the server in damage as well as grabbing the 2nd highest kills. The Pishtya team was in full control of game 2 as they drafted an AM lineup and managed to still stay in the lead as the AM farmed up his items to fight.
Game 3 MVP
Matieu (16–3–19 pos. 1 Riki)
The head admin showing again that Riki in RD2L is broken despite the hero not being as good as he was a few patches ago. Along with strong performances from his teammates, notably his support duo bloo and sexysteve, the Matieu team was able to close out the series in a 1 sided game 3. The 45–16 kill score may be a bit misleading as the Pishtya team almost had a networth lead at the 22 minute mark, but got stomped in back to back teamfights and the Matieu networth lead ballooned to 11k at 29 minutes and the game was out of reach after that.

Fume (5) 2–0 FrenZyy (21)

Game 1 MVP
Bitterra (13–3–20 pos. 2 Tinker)
On paper, this is a 24 pick tinker in a pretty free tinker game, but Bitterra’s tinker isn’t exactly always a free win (pictured above). However, he managed to not only overcome 2 early mid game deaths between the 10–15 minute mark, but also carry his team in the long run as the Fume stack took a 44 minute game 1 win.
Game 2 MVP
Teja (7–3–22 pos. 3 Legion Commander)
The Fume stack was able to draft Mirana again and won a game, big shocker. Teja and Tiggles continued their strong run of form as they combined for 11–7–40 in game 2. Teja especially had a strong game as he was able to slow down the Iceyeti Wraith King en route to a quick 15 minute phase-blink-blademail.

Logical (6) 2–0 USDanny (11)

Game 1 MVP
Logical (12–0–16 pos. 1 Faceless Void)
Recovering from a fairly disastrous laning phase as the Logical stack was at a 2k networth disadvantage at 10 minutes, a miraculous teamfight at 12 minutes pulled the game back and they never looked back, putting the game away just under 38 minutes. Logical was unkillable as he went a perfect 12–0.
Game 2 MVP
Fury (16–2–10 pos. 2 Void Spirit)
Despite being almost 36 minutes long, this game was always going to the Logical stack barring a complete throw. After winning 3 lanes fairly hard, they continued to have strong midgame fights as Fury was all over the map making space for the Logical ursa to farm his BF-SNY. After the 16 minute mark, the USDanny team picked up just 3 core kills, all 3 coming from Smack’s sand king (fedder ;v).

Dark (7) 2–0 goatsatan (23)

Game 1 MVP
SSD (1–2–25 pos. 4 IO) and Dark (21–0–6 pos. 1 Ursa)
I’m making it a rule to combine the IO+whoever they’re partnered with as MVP’s whenever applicable from now on. Otherwise this game was super straightforward, Dark got a broken hero as well as a dumb wisp partner and didn’t die. The rest of the Dark team had impressive performances as well for a full team effort in a game 1 stomp.

One of those “oh shit AM finally showed up” teamfights…

Game 2 MVP
Dark (12–0–10 pos. 1 Anti-Mage)
Going a combined 33–0–16 in the series, Dark once again is making a Round of 8 appearance. Despite a great effort from the duo of Buying onions and FooSquash, they were unable to carry their team to a win and unfortunately get knocked out.

ColonelSquid (9) 2–0 Wizard of Chaos (24)

Game 1 MVP
Spacedude36000 (7–2–23 pos. 4 Phoenix)
I genuinely do not know how this game managed to get dragged out to 35 minutes. The Squid stack managed to grab a 5.2k networth lead at 9 minutes. Regardless of how long this game lasted, the Squid team held control of it throughout and the support duo of wetpaint and Spacedude had themselves a great start to their 1st series this playoffs.
Game 2 MVP
ColonelSquid (16–7–15 pos. 2 Queen of Pain)
The brand new immortal (congrats)was able to hold the fort down and create enough havoc on the map to allow his AM to farm up and enter the game in the midgame. Spacedude and Jah had equally impressive games, but due to Squid’s playmaking responsibilities he’s going to get the MVP from me. He also had to lane against a bat.



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