EST-SUN Power Rankings

Week 1

18 min readMay 15, 2020


Top Tier

Pishtya (2–0) — I think the biggest weakness this team has is their offlaner is one of the lower mmr core players in this division at ancient 2, which is still fairly high mmr. Their divine 3 pos 4 can cover some of his laning and will most likely provide good advice on how/where to play otherwise. That being said he still won both of his lanes this past weekend, along with a strong performance from Pishtya and their immortal safelaner who was replaced by teecha. Overall one of the most well rounded teams in the division and its helpful when majka falls into their lap as overall last pick despite being nowhere near the lowest mmr in the division.

Dark (2–0) — Dark dotes. More or less all I have to say as justification for the top tier, but i think this team outside of dark is insanely good given their mmr’s. Boomski and poncho are both extremely valuable for their mmr and are absolute steals considering they’re late 3rd and late 4th round picks. Their safelane is SSD and elk, who admittedly will most likely get replaced due to no showing, is an extremely good safelane and as long as their divine 4 replacement can hit creeps and use the space dark will inevitably make, this team will be extremely good.

Logical (2–0) — Pretty much read above. Will be a bit interesting to see how logicals season goes as a pos 1 instead of his normal midlane seasons, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about their midlaner fury. Smack will make enough space regardless with tactical feeding to make sure logical can farm enough to eventually carry them in the later stages of the game. I think this team has the weakest support duo out of the top teams, but Clapone+Rusty still seem like an above average support duo in the league which is why this team is in the top tier for me after week 1 (clapone god). Special shoutout to Logical for his week 1 KDA of 38–3–17 on his safelane debut.

Matieu (2–0) — Master rigger mat back again somehow getting eu newcomer harbinger in the 2nd round. Also in classic mat fashion rounded out his draft with some known feed stackers. The issue that might arise with this team is a strong voice to shotcall in the mid game while mat afk hits creeps. Filski will most likely do filski things and dominate his lane on some dumb hero, but in games that he cant just steamroll a safelane and make space naturally by dominating lane I don’t know harbinger well enough to know if he’ll be proactive in trying to make calls on the map because I know filski is a fairly quiet guy. Otherwise the team had a fairly solid week 1, albeit against (in my opinion) a weaker team in the division.

Very Good Tier

USDanny (2–0) — Virgin 22 alch pickers strike again. Rice boi should be enough to carry a few of these games by himself throughout the season. Along with rice boi, they have a really solid support duo with an ultra value jd so the onus is on martin to just hit creeps and occasionally show up to fights before late game. This team will most likely come down to how well Martin can hit creeps and use space that the rest of the team creates, much like the dark stack.

Mu (2–0) — The only thing stopping this team from being top tier is Mu mid. Mu is a very smart player and knows he’s probably not going to outlane some rank 700 midlaner that he’ll inevitably have to face this season, so they should be fine. Tokamak and longoria are very high skilled players, but don’t play a ton of dota, both coming off breaks. If they can get the rust off this team will be very good and in my opinion will shoot up to top tier in a few weeks. Skyaxe and nutr are an insanely good support duo by rd2l standards as well. Week 1 went about how I expected this team to play, Mu picking some giga virgin midlaner while longoria plays some hard carry and afk hits creeps.

BMTS (0–2) — Probably the one exception to these rankings being record based due to their record, but I’m a firm believer in this team. Poonani+BMTS will be a top 3 offlane combo this season and nightwhisper is an avid creep hitter. As long as their last pick archon midlaner doesn’t lose his lane super hard, I think this team will do very well this season. Jbay also is a very good player, but has been relegated to playing gigavirgin pos 5 heroes like kotl and ogre unfortunately. This team should improve a lot as poonani+bmts tell their midlaner how to play dota more and more, shoring up their mmr difference in the midlane. Overall a super solid team in my opinion they just ran into Logical stack week 1 and put up a pretty solid showing, having 2 40+ minute games.

Lala (2–0) — Lala returns. Really solid stack and emperorofasia is finally allowed to play pos 1 in rd2l. Given that their midlaner is 7k and their sidelanes both are quality players I don’t see how this team misses playoffs unless their team just implodes for whatever reason. Their support duo is on the lower end mmr wise, but both are returning rd2l’ers and have played support for their teams in the past which is helpful. Week 1 they had a very shaky game 1, helped with a giga throw courtesy of the bestpinoza stack, but dominated game 2. Next week they play the Dingus stack which should be a very close series.

Brightside (1–1) — Brightside with an immortal ½ player should be enough to be at least a playoff team. Throwing in kizu and a decent support duo and this team should be a lock for playoffs. Brightside won’t draft them into a draft loss and will eat up enough target bans to help out the rest of his team. Also their support duo, assuming they’re willing to listen to bright whine at them all season, will improve a ton playing with him. Like the bmts stack, I see this team playing much better later in the season than they are now. Shout out to virginside for picking razor and safelane qop for himself week 1 :).

Sasquatch (2–0) — Sasquatch and picking a team full of super value, low mmr players relative to their draft position, name a more iconic duo. Coahre is a very solid player despite his badge and is willing to play mid heroes that aren’t super flashy that don’t lose lane. Exo, mike, and mercii are all very good for their mmrs and sasquatch of course is one of the best players in the league. I don’t really see a weakness in this team.

DJ Dingus (2–0) — This is the season for DJ Dingus to shine after having a super underwhelming team this past season. Lucky and detective diglett are both solid players. This team is also pretty role flexible with their cores knowing dingus has played a season at 2,3, and now at pos 1. My biggest concern is I’m not sure if any of their cores hit creeps a ton, but they will run at you all game.

Good Tier

Doss (1–1) — This season’s triple immortal stack. Luckily for them, Chester has worked VEWWWYYY HAWWWDDD adding another hero into his hero droplet and should add another ban to his list of target ban. I think a lot of this team’s success relies on redondo to play really well given that doss and chester will get multiple bans every game. Unfortunately for them redondo is a washed up boomer. Overall though, by raw mmr this team will be good/decent and I think they can actually play themselves into a very high seed. I’m pretty high on this team, despite the low-ish ranking I’m giving them.

Envi (2–0) — Dumb boomer envi trying to relive the glory days of season 18 where he managed to lose 1st round of the playoffs. This team is definitely an upgrade from his s18 team obviously given the average of the division. The stack is zamo+envi and 3 ancients (counting shade as an ancient despite losing like 4 badges post draft pepelaugh). Shade might not always be right in his calls, but he makes calls in a way that will get the whole team to commit and in rd2l that sometimes is better than having the correct call, but the whole team not following it. I came out of week 1 thoroughly impressed with this team. Probably the biggest surprise performance of the week in my opinion, beating a very good maestro stack 2–0.

FrenZyy (0–2) — Unfortunate casualty to the change from week 0 pt 2 to week 1. Had to FF due to not being able to find 2 immortal standins. However, one of the best tricores in the league in my opinion with frenzy, agile, and kende. The support duo is really solid as well (as long as they don’t give lonewolf earth spirit) given the mmr of the other cores.

Thamaestro (0–2) — I’m honestly super surprised this team is 0–2, but here we are. Their 1–2 punch of maestro and trex is very good in my opinion and the teams rounded out by a group of solid players. Bear might struggle being out skilled in the offlane, but he’s incredibly smart for his badge and knows when he needs to play passive in lane. He also has a divine 2 pos 4 to help him out to even up the mmr imbalance that may come up in his lane. Will have a good measuring stick game this week against Sebastian team whom I also rate quite highly.

Above Average Tier

Iceyeti (1–1) — Iceyeti is perpetually on good rd2l teams and I don’t see why this season will go differently for this team. Iboomi will always be a value player given his mid game shotcalling and ability to make space. The support duo on this team isn’t as strong as some of the very good/top teams for me to move them into the upper tiers though. Had a solid week 1 and were very close to a 2–0, but got aqua roaded

Agony (1–1) — Friend stack that has a fairly solid tricore. Luckily for agony, choco+noobcast will eat up several target bans allowing a few of the top tier safelane carries into the draft and if the carries get banned out then you get choco/snakecast on some of the heroes that they play way above their badges. Waffz stacks a ton with agony and choco and from what I’ve heard is a solid player for his badge. This team will do well as long as agony can afk farm and considering he will have a season where his team isn’t REE’ing in his ear and he can afk hit creeps I think this team will do well.

Reedy (2–0) — This team is a classic “low mmr captain who wants to play ½ drafting a team around him that allows him to play mid”, but I think he did that fairly well this season considering he has 2 immortal cores in his sidelanes. Sonnegod is a top tier carry in rd2l and while Subject is “immortal”, he did manage to have more or the same amount of kills than he did deaths in BOTH (!!) games week 1, so I think this team has hope. Reedy also put up a really impressive performance from the midlane in week 1.

W.Stealer (2–0) — The ultimate friend stack assembled. Unlike the agony stack, all 5 of these players are friends and were talking preseason about the highest chances to assemble this team given the badges they needed to draft. They had a solid week 1, but were playing a weaker team in the division in my opinion. Dba will soak up a bunch of bans for this team and simple is flexible as hell in the midlane with his hero pool.

Econ (2–0) — I don’t actually think this team is completely garbage like a lot of people in est sun do. Double king is ridiculously good and their support duo is I think the highest mmr duo in the league. This team will get in trouble if their offlane and mid lose badly, but I think if they can damage control and stop one of those 2 lanes from losing with rotations from their supports then they should be fine. This team will be a force if they can manage to get out of lanes well.

CC (2–0) — This stack looks really solid. Alc single handedly should push this team into the playoffs, and he gets the luxury of having a very good offlane duo to make space for him to cover up some of his laning weaknesses. Actionjacksons coming off a nearly year long break and is playing offlane again so he should improve as the season goes along and wipes the rust off. CC also will play heroes that will do fine in lane, not allowing him to get run over in mid by a high mmr player. They had a very impressive 2–0 over the Rusy stack.

Sebastian (0–2) — Much like the alc/sonnegod teams, this team should make playoffs solely off their high mmr carry (minicolt). Outside of minicolt this team is very average though, no one is bad, no one stands out. That’s not a flame, they just literally have 4 ancient players playing around a rank 400 carry. Cam is very good for his badge, but he’s still on the lower end of mmrs in the mid lane this season. Unfortunately week 1 they ran into an absolute buzzsaw playing chad2s stack to a 0–2.

7EMPEST (1–1) — 7EMPEST and alpaca running last season back. Master is played pos 4 this past week which seems a bit questionable, but aeon had a fairly solid performance on pos 1 and an alpaca+master lane seems absolutely miserable to play against. If 7EMPEST can continue his mmr climb and master performs on 4 as well as he does on 1/2 in rd2l this team can be very good. Had an impressive week 1 against a very good brightside stack.

Voldrox (1–1) — This team will most likely fly under the radar (as they are in this content piece), but this team should be solid by the end of the season. Hype and itz-pat both improved on their badges post draft and voldrox is one of the best supports in the division. As long as itz-pat can stay level headed and in the game this team should steadily improve their ranking over the season and make playoffs. Had a very even week 1 against the doss stack.

Average Tier

Rusy (0–2) — This might be the most FUN stack to play with/for in rd2l this season. I don’t know zithkor/turkey very well, but rusy/moxie/remster are all some of the nicest players in rd2l. Rusy also has a propensity to ape a bit too hard in rd2l games. That, in addition to remster’s natural ability to giga throw, will probably lose their team some matches in the most ridiculous of ways, but overall should be a really good team. Also had to play against one of the 3 biggest friend stacks week 1 so it’s understandable they lost to a more cohesive squad.

Captain Pepega (0–2) — On paper I like this team. I don’t think they’re going to light the league on fire or anything, but they can be a really solid team. 4 divines and their only legend player being ninjastalker, who I rate highly for his badge, I think this team has a great balance and a player like wax who’s able to punch way higher than his divine 4 badge. They played the DJ Dingus stack to a 76 minute slugfest that had a total of 105 kills in the game. Game 2 they lost in 35 minutes, but again was a really solid performance against a team I’ve rated pretty highly.

Bearcat0611 (0–2) — My boy alpha and his big rd2l return. Johan making his est-sun return as well. Overall a solid team, bearcat isn’t the best carry in the division and will have trouble if his team needs him to 1v5 in games, but luckily for him, alpha is one of the best cheese pickers in the league and plays a super farm heavy midlane pool. Their 1 and 2 complimenting eachother nicely like that added with their fairly high offlane combo (A5+D3) give this team a solid chance to win any series.

INSANE CORNDOG (1–1) — Now this is a team full of dumb boomers. Joel-Sbi are a very solid support duo for an rd2l team. Lemon and corndog are solid gamers, but this team lacks a secondary carry to prohibit in case he has an off game or gets shut down in my opinion. I see this team as a 4 protect 1 team much like the minicolt stack, but rate minicolt higher than prohibit in an rd2l sense. That being said, I think the supporting cast for prohibit is overall better. Week 1 they had to play without prohibit for game 1, but somehow clinkz was let through and lemon did boneyboi things and they pulled out a win.

DrSteel (1–1) — Much like the envi stack, this stack is trying to relive the glory days of season 18 where they managed a top 16 run. Since then, I think the tricore they’re running back from s18 has lost more mmr as a group than they’ve gained given hull’s fall from almost 6k to barely 5k. However, like the envi stack, the rest of the team is rounded out with some upgrades in chup and snow (not THAT snow). Snow I think will go down as an extremely valuable pick, grabbing a mid ancient pos 3 in the 4th round, allowing hullcity to be slotted as the pos 4 so he can shine from a different position. Week 1 they had a very even series with squid with 2 games averaging out over an hour each, highlighted by Hullcity S H I N I N G from the 4 position with a very powerful 0–14–16 bugna game.

BobbyPMA (1–1) — This team inevitably will rise in the rankings I think. Their safelaner has already gone up a few badges, luckily Bobby is there to keep the sandbagging accusations at bay, losing a few stars off his badge himself. Memes aside, this is a very solid team with no glaring weaknesses, except maybe drafting (see: game 1 vs corndog stack when they let lemon pick clinkz).

Below Average Tier

Wizard of Chaos (0–2) — I was a big fan of wizard’s idea to choose a high mmr pos 4 so they can absolutely destroy safelanes, but I think his draft got a bit too galaxy brain with the mattador and shmurda picks. Both shmurda and mattador play better as pos 4 and 3 respectively and having two players play offrole as cores this season seems like a fairly big disadvantage given the mmr of the division this season. However, getting shmurda in round 3 is a very valuable pick and mattador is comfortable enough in the midlane to have a solid season. Unfortunately drew one of the better teams in the division in my opinion week 1 and had a solid 2 games against them, but lost both.

Goatsatan (0–2) — I absolutely loved goatsatan’s player draft. I was a big fan of buying onions before the season and foosquash is always solid. Talus is very solid for his badge and nuttypizza as a last round pick is a steal. Their offlane of nutty pizza and goatsatan might run into some issues because of the mmr of some of the safelaners they’ll end up laning against this season, but they have a very solid safelane combo with a high immortal midlaner so they should be fine. Played 2 VERY close games with the sasquatch stack in week 1 and came very close to winning game 1, but unfortunately for them threw game 1 fairly hard.

AcidRain (0–2) — Another 4 divine+1 legend stack like the captain pepega team. However, I think this team has issues having a player take over the game like wax can for the pepega stack. Target and thuntard will have to carry more than they’re normally asked to in previous seasons for them to be successful this season. Their offlane of jynx and acidrain is extremely good and will make ample space on the map for their 1 and 2 to farm however. Also had the misfortune of drawing the Dark stack in week 1.

Kira (1–1) — Kira walked the aqua road this season. I am very high on aqua road as a player and he can and will solo carry games (see game 1 this past week), but I think this team just has a lot of mmr misplaced in the rest of their team. Both of their sidelane cores are low ancient, but their safelane will be helped out by a mid divine pos 5. If aqua road is on he can take games off anyone in the division though, but I see this team as very volitile.

ColonelSquid (1–1) — I look forward to this placement getting copy/pasted to me in a few weeks when squid inevitably makes his way into the playoffs. I think jah+squid will be a very solid 1+2 this season and their offlane is very solid with superman and spacedude. I don’t really have any logical reason for placing this team this low except for maybe the fact that fuck squid, so here we are. They played the drsteel stack week 1 which is rough considering the other team has a very high familiarity with each other.

Ecl9ipse (2–0) — The skkip stack were on the benefitting end of the frenzy stack having to FF their games. I think this team can be solid given skip is very good and has the ability to solo carry his team, but I will be rating them fairly low until they actually play their games next week.

Quantum Jojo (1–1) — Solid all around, with a 2 mid divine+1 immortal tricore. I’ve praised freightrain for like 3 seasons now and this season he’s going to have to play really well to get this team into the playoffs in my opinion. Their pos 3 is new to rd2l this season so I can’t really say how well I think he’ll do, but ribs was a very solid player last season on the choco+unregister stack. Had a very even series week 1 against the agony stack, losing game 1 despite somehow giving cancercast necro.

Avgpeen (0–2) — Vinny bomb deployed. I think this team is overall just a worse quantum jojo stack given their mmr distributions. Vinny will have to play at/above his badge for this team to do well. Their support duo is nothing special, but not bad by any means. Week 1 they had a fairly poor showing against the Reedy stack, losing both games fairly convincingly.

Bestpinoza (0–2) — This team has apex who is incredibly good and very valuable in rd2l setting due to his raw mmr and shotcalling ability at all points in the game, I can’t put this team higher due to having an archon core player. Apex I think will need to tailor his play style to play more of a farm heavy type of carry instead of his normal space maker/fighting heavy carries. Week 1 went poorly for them win loss wise, but game 1 seemed more of a throw than them losing the game, with a 0 for 9 hero trade in a 2 minute span with a networth lead to lose the game. Game 2 was a complete stomp however, spearheaded by a rough 0–24–9 performance from their 3/4 players.

Calamity (0–2) — Bowie and Gotne have another season of playing with each other in the safelane which is always nice having that familiarity. However, I think this team just lacks someone to hit creeps and carry them into the late game. Gotne can do that on certain heroes, but I think he plays best on space maker/fighting heroes. Sickboy will have to either draft himself a more greedy hero or draft gotne more greedy cores. Week 1 they drew the pishtya stack and had 2 fairly convincing losses. Will have a better grasp on where this team is rated next week.

Bottom Tier

Fume (0–2) — Fume and Bitterra finally get on the same team. Unfortunately for them, the world is falling around this team already and it’s only week 1. Teja as a 2nd rounder is a solid pick, but I think he plays best as a 1 or 2 instead of a 3. It will be interesting if they swap Bitterra to 3 or fume plays mid or something because I think that putting teja on a higher farm priority would work best for this team. Despite all of this, fume is good enough to win his team some games so they shouldn’t be bottom of the league, only placed there in these rankings due to the personal problems this teams had so far.

Tiramisu (0–2) — Bambino god. Unfortunately, this team has very strange roles so far. Their lowest mmr player is on pos 1 and sev is on pos 4. Week 1 they played 2 really close games with matieu stack however and should move out of the bottom tier in a few weeks, especially if they get roles that work.

The Clamburglar (0–2) — Like the Tiramisu stack, I think their biggest issue is their safelane. Having a legend 4 safelane is a very high mmr division and on a very pos 1 oriented patch seems a bit like a recipe for disaster, but both of those teams can prove me wrong. Clamburglar is new to rd2l and is playing 3 for his team, with an almost immortal midlaner so this team definitely has the mmr/skill to win a lot of games, I’m just not a fan of having a low mmr pos 1.

Trav2s Tier

Trav2s (2–0) — I don’t really want to place my team in any tiers given conflict of interest and such. I think my teams really fuckin good this season though of course. Mirage went off both games in mid (despite getting solo killed both games pepelaugh). Jerracabra had a super good ursa game this past week and ghost managed to not punch mirage in the face through the mic after game 1 so all is going well for us 8).