Mini Proposal Q+A

This whole system to me seems way too complicated, and as things get more complicated they tend to become prone to abuse. I’m confident there will be a way to make a team way to rigged, and unless you use it you’re guaranteed to lose. This either needs a lot of thinking of ways to prevent abuse or a way to simplify the whole system.
- Akono

i like how mini is so i wouldn’t want to see it go but this is also a cool idea so idk if maybe run this instead of a mini once see how it goes then if received well swap every offseason with this and mini or find another time to run this maybe during the main season

I feel like a captain’s cup style tournament with variable game types would be interesting (AD, ARDM, Reverse CM, SD, etc…)

“Registration of 5 man, 4 man, 3 man, and solo teams will be accepted” → No duo registrations? Who gets to do the draft? Does the 4 man team pick a solo sign up or does a solo sign up choose a 4 stack?

I think this could be cool for a bi-weekly or monthly thing. I think mini is a great place to meet new people around your skill level, and the pre-made teams kinda nullify this aspect

my main concern is that as a new player (ive done 1 mini and 3 regular seasons) i feel this would be less fun for me than regular mini. Normal mini is another way of meeting people and even if i was drafted onto a team of 3 or 4, they would all already be close and i would be the odd man out.

shouldn’t be an mmr floor for the lowest division

This is a good format to run on and off with mini, don’t think 2 at the same time will work. I would suggest tighter mmr spreads for each division. I.e. 6.5k avg with floor of 5.5k or even 6k, rather than the noted 5k floor

increase mmr cap

bad idea because this will lead to rigged or unbalanced teams and some players who dont have a team might potential be unable to play if they no team is looking for players.

I think the proposed reform sounds okay, but it feels like solo (or any non 5 stack) players are punished for it. If you don’t have a premade team, your team is just likely to be strictly worse than the teams that are a premade 5 stack. I don’t mind the idea of premade teams, or making mini premade only, but having a mixture of the two just seems kinda bad imo.

Premade teams are antithetical to RD2L as a whole. The entire idea of RD2L is to meet new players and play with new players. There are a plethora of other places where you can form a team and play with that pre-made team. MMR average caps are silly since there are tons of players who play either below or above their MMR that can be abused in these types of systems. These discrepancies are currently resolved by the captains understanding which players are value or anti-value in terms of their MMR. Routinely in mini currently, certain players who are the same MMR cost vastly different amounts in terms of their cost during the auction draft.

Have people sign up on a list and then you can make teams from that list in a non draft format, where people just take their friends and yeah

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