PST-SUN MVP’s and Predictions

Week 5

9 min readOct 21, 2020


Waifu 0–2 Zend

Game 1 MVP
Zend (7–3–21 pos. 3 Magnus)
Aside from the now normal dominating performances from the duo of Grace and George, Zend put in a huge game 1 as he played an RD2L classic Magnus. Managing to make a pretty greedy lineup work that included a pos. 5 Techies, the Zend team managed to come back in game 1 after falling behind slightly in the midgame. In this 2k’s wet dream of a draft that included the low mmr classics of 5 techies, 4 pudge, mid invoker, the tricore of Zend, George, and Grace managed to come out on top.
Game 2 MVP
Mason (17–4–15 pos. 4 Tiny)
I actually managed to catch the end of this game after my series and I can tell that Mason was trying extra hard because I was watching. He unironically had probably the performance of the week on his 4 tiny this game. After grabbing an early 13 minute blink, he wreaked havoc on the map, putting up a game high 17 kills and 2nd highest damage, only behind Waifu’s 8 pick Anti-Mage.

Moca 1–1 doofgod

Game 1 MVP
Moca (6–2–17 pos. 2 Venomancer)
The Moca team once again pulling out all the stops in game 1, including the pos. 3 Dixie Wyvern and the 1–2 combo of drow+veno. After coming out of lanes well by stomping mid and the safelane, the Moca team deathballed and was able to push the doofgod team out of the game before their PA fully came online in a 27 minute stomp.
Game 2 MVP
Bambino (16–3–2 pos. 2 Windranger)
In a pair of painfully awful drafts to play against, neither team could kill anyone as game 2 played out like a League World’s game finishing with a kill score of 20–16 in 48 gruelingly long minutes. Bambino managed to equal the Moca stack on kills, somehow managing to kill a tricore of Naga-PL-Viper while being backed up by a Phoenix+Oracle support duo a total of 16 times.

Be_SwiFT 0–2 Mags


Vuvu 0–2 Jerracabra

Game 1 MVP
Game 2 MVP
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Trav2s 2–0 Charbz

Game 1 MVP
Aqua Road (13–5–7 pos. 2 Templar Assassin)
Aqua Road ended up this game as a big spell magnet as he became a problem after a virtually free early game. Almost every fight eating a bkb black hole and either a dream coil or a Windranger ult, he managed to still pick up 13 kills as well as giving BobbyPMA a completely free game on Drow, allowing him and the rest of his team to clean up the Charbz stack as they tried to take down the TA.

:Feelsbackpackman: Thanks ZombiesExpert :Feelsbackpackman:

Game 2 MVP
ZombiesExpert (10–1–15 pos. 3 Night Stalker)
In a ROUGH game for the Trav2s 1–2 duo, who combined for 24 deaths, ZombiesExpert was able to pick up the slack and put in his best performance of the season with a 600+ GPM pos. 3 NightStalker to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. A game turning highground throw caused the Charbz stack to lose their lead and were unable to pull the game back, losing a rough one in 44 minutes.

DoomCow33 1–1 Fallen

Game 1 MVP
DoomCow33 (18–5–17 pos. 1 Phantom Lancer)
The captain managed to put in a dominating PL performance in game 1 despite having to play into a Sven, Invoker, and Silencer out of the Fallen stack. Backed by Joric’s Magnus, the DoomCow stack was able to clinch a close game 1 in 51 minutes that included a Magnus Rapier.
Game 2 MVP
Fallen (20–6–13 pos. 1 Drow Ranger)
In another 50+ minute game, the Fallen team came out on top of this one, snatching another back and forth game in just under 60 minutes. In a mirroring of game 1, the captain managed to put up a massive scoreline despite having their hero pretty heavily countered by the enemy draft. Like DoomCow in game 1, Fallen was able to put up nearly half his teams total kills.

toth 1–1 CRAP

Oh noononononnono

Game 1 MVP
Blakkout (6–1–18 pos. 4 Windranger)
Having to unfortunately face the /apex Naga, the CRAP team managed to recover from 2 lost lanes and a nearly 4k networth disadvantage at 10 minutes that ballooned up to nearly 7k by 14 minutes to come back and win in 44 minutes. Despite having 3 very farmed cores on the toth side, they just weren’t able to grab any kills as they lost by a scoreline of 41–24.
Game 2 MVP
apex (20–2–8 pos. 1 Phantom Assassin)
Apparently upset over losing just his 2nd ticketed match on Naga, Apex got his revenge in a big way in game 2 as he completely smashed the CRAP team in a 33 minute stomp. After a death before runes spawned, Apex was nearly unkillable and hit critical mass just under 24 minutes into the game as he steamrolled his way to a game 2 win, dying just 1 time after runes spawned.

Phoenix 1–1 Neku

Game 1 MVP
Unundefined (16–4–14 pos. 2 Viper)
The Phoenix team really pulled out a tricore of Viper-Necrophos-Faceless void. Pretty disgusting, but it worked wonderfully for them as they picked up their 1st win with their new midlaner. Game 1 was a fairly 1 sided affair that managed to extend itself to 40 minutes despite a heavy networth and kill advantage to the Phoenix stack.
Game 2 MVP
Chistorm (11–7–22 pos. 4 Tusk)
The offlane duo of Neku and Chistorm combined for a huge game 2 to even up the series at 1. Putting up a combined scoreline of 16–10–52, they both played an integral part in their team’s game 2 win that was nearly identical to their game 1 defeat. A bit closer of a game than game 1 until a disastrous teamfight for the Phoenix team at the 24th minute caused this game to spiral out of control and they never recovered, losing in 41 minutes.

TheMantis 2–0 Minicolt

Game 1 MVP
Admin Forfeit (3 standins)

Game 2 MVP
TheMantis (7–4–11 pos. 5 Witch Doctor)
Midas Witch Doctor. Now this is elite. The safelane of TheMantis and Hell Yeah combined for 22–9–20 in game 2 as their stack dominated game 2. TheMantis team was able to end the game before the Minicolt PA was fully able to come online, closing the game out in just under 32 minutes.

thrillhouse 1–1 Rice Boi

Game 1 MVP
Rice Boi (17–3–9 pos. 2 Outworld Devourer)
A huge 24 pick performance from the captain in game 1 as he thoroughly dominated the game. Despite his performance, the game was awfully close as both side lanes lost and they were at a networth disadvantage at the 30 minute mark, just a mere 5 minutes before the game ended at 35 minutes. Putting up 17/31 of his teams kills as well as over 50% of his teams total damage dealt, this truly was a 1v5 performance.
Game 2 MVP
deadprez (8–3–27 pos. 4 Rubick)
Becoming a 4th core for his team, deadprez dominated game 2 along with his laning partner, Lucas, for a game 2 win. In a similarly close game 2, the team who had the networth lead at the 30 minute mark managed to lose again.

Freightrain 1–1 PrinceMeerkat92

Game 1 MVP
Vort (10–1–19 pos. 3 Bloodseeker)
Game 1 was a fairly 1 sided match as the Meerkat team won 2 of their 3 lanes and won a few early game teamfights to extend their laning stage lead into a fairly large networth gap in the midgame. Vort played largely a utility bloodseeker as Itachi and Meerkat carried his team in the damage department, particularly Itachi as he almost outdamaged the entire enemy team in a game 1 win.
Game 2 MVP
Snlork (13–3–18 pos. 1 Wraith King)
A big throwback lineup from the Freightrain team as they drafted a WK+Kunkka 1–2 combo for game 2, but it worked as they took game 2 to even up the series. Game 2 was a much closer game, however the Freightrain team hit a huge timing just past the 30th minute behind Freightrain’s aghs on Kunkka and Doom’s Bkb and crushed the Meerkat lineup and eventually broke highground to end the game.

Reggie 2–0 FlyingNightmare

Game 1 MVP
Reggie (9–0–15 pos. 3 Sand King)
Game 1 was one of the more 1 sided matchups from this week in PST as the Reggie team completely dominated the match and won in just 26 minutes. The offlane duo of Reggie and Yami116 combined for a 16–2–26 scoreline in game 1 as they dominated the match.
Game 2 MVP
Buffles (11–4–27 pos. 2 Pangolier)
Unfortunately for FN, Reggie’s team comprises of mostly offlaners so they were able to flex the pango mid against his last pick huskar. Buffles did enough in lane to not get rolled over by a 24 pick FN huskar and was eventually a key cog in their game 2 win. A much much closer game that extended to over 53 minutes, a 43 minute roshan with aghs blessing ballooned a 3k net worth lead to a 11k lead and a won teamfight just a few minutes later that would eventually end the game for the Reggie team.

Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens 0–2 Charkhil

Game 1 MVP
kptl (11–1–6 pos. 1 Arc Warden)
It’s hard to not give the player that wins with Arc Warden the match MVP because they generally just soak up the map and their team plays around them, so here we are. Ripley had a nice axe performance, putting up a game high 12 kills, but I can’t ignore a 49.1k networth Arc Warden. Ktpl was the reason they won game 1 as they were behind in kills and net worth the majority of the game, but they just couldn’t kill his Arc Warden and they eventually won the match in 52 minutes behind an 8 slotted Arc.
Game 2 MVP
Ripley (11–2–15 pos. 3 Axe)
I really wanted to give MVP to Narte for his 4–4–24 Crystal Maiden, but I couldn’t not give Ripley props for a big series from him, putting in 2 big games on Axe. Game 2 was a much more 1 sided game however as the Charkhil stack was near unkillable on their cores who combined for just 7 deaths in the 41 minute match.

Burrahobbit 2–0 Burgeoning

Game 1 MVP
Miyushi (10–2–14 pos. 5 Jakiro)
Picking an MVP between the Miyushi and Burrahobbit support duo was hard as they both played amazing game 1’s, but edge will go to Miyushi who died just twice against a rank 2k Storm Spirit on the other team. The Burrahobbit stack controlled the game throughout, but started to lose their lead in the midgame up until a few item timings translated to back to back team fight wins at 27 and 29 minutes respectively. After that, the game was pretty over, ending just 5 minutes later.
Game 2 MVP
Hexy (15–3–4 pos. 1 Outworld Devourer)
Another massive performance from the support duo of Miyushi and Burrahobbit in game 2, but I can’t not give MVP to a SAFELANE OD. Badger Puck is legendary as well. Lot of good stuff in game 2. As for the game itself, the Burrahobbit stack took the momentum from the end of game 1 and used it to pretty much stomp the Burgeoning team in game 2. Lasting just over 30 minutes, the game ended 41–15 in Burrahobbit’s favor.

Week 6 Predictions

Zend 2–0 Mags
Moca 0–2 Waifu
Jerracabra 2–0 TheMantis
doofgod 0–2 Trav2s
Be_SwiFT 2–0 DoomCow33
Fallen 2–0 Reggie
Vuvu 0–2 toth
CRAP 2–0 Neku
Phoenix 2–0 Charbz
PrinceMeerkat92 0–2 Rice Boi
thrillhouse 2–0 Freightrain
Minicolt 2–0 Burrahobbit
Charkhil 2–0 Burgeoning
FlyingNightmare 2–0 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens

Prediction Tally

Week 5 Points: :) out of :)
Week 4 Points: 18 out of 28
Week 3 Points: 16 out of 28
Week 2 Points: 13 out of 28
Week 1 Points: 11 out of 28
Total Points: 58 out of 112