PST-SUN MVP’s and Predictions

Week 2

10 min readSep 22, 2020


Bear with me here as dotabuff didn’t parse any of these games. This was genuinely the hardest content piece I’ve written between fat writer block and a little burn out so apologies.

toth 1–1 Neku

Game 1 MVP
endqwerty (10–6–17 pos. 5 Witch Doctor)
Unfortunately this game wasn’t ticketed so I wasn’t able to see what happened exactly, but was pretty much a 4 protect 1 from the Neku team against a pretty teamfight heavy lineup from the toth team. Once again Sleepy put in a huge performance, but on a DK so meh. Any double digit kill pos 5 in rd2l gets big props from me, also to note: apex got his legendary Monkey King.
Game 2 MVP
Neku (12–4–24 pos. 5 Witch Doctor)
THE SERIES OF DA DOCTA! Game 2 was pretty much a reversal of game 1 draft wise, a heavy 4 protect 1 lineup coming out from the toth team this game against a very heavy run at you lineup from the Neku team. Pressure terrorized the map with a 17–3–17 Timbersaw. Once again the 5 grabs MVP from me though for a ridiculous output on WD, including a 27 minute mana boots-medallion-aghs, 3rd most damage in the server, and most kill participation.

Phoenix 1–1 TheMantis

Game 1 MVP
Bird (16–3–17 pos. 1 Faceless Void)
Despite the ridiculous scoreline, wasn’t exactly a complete 1v5 as Bird got huge contributions from the 7:30 Death Prophet and the Phoenix Bloodseeker. A one sided game that included an OMEGAThrow that included a 5 minute span where the Phoenix team had a 18k networth lead, lost it completely, and then ended the 5 minute span with a 17k networth lead. Finally though the Phoenix team was able to put away game 1 after a nearly 60 minute match.
Game 2 MVP
Hell Yeah (7–2–11 pos. 2 Alchemist)
It’s kind of hard to look at a 24 pick Alchemist and not give MVP to the Alchemist because generally the entire game is up to Alch to win. This game was kept surprisingly close despite the Alchemist pick, but TheMantis team closed out a game 2 win in a very passive 44 minute match.

DoomCow33 1–1 Jerracabra

This is GIGA chad.

Game 1 MVP
Kalivunkka (11–3–13 pos. 2 Death Prophet)
Unfortunately I don’t give out MVP’s to stand-ins, because OFF would get MVP of the season for his BF-Aghs-Rapier PA. Imagine you’re the enemy jakiro and you get your 26 minute cloak and then a rapier dagger just rockets at your dome and 1 shots you. Rough. I heard Kalivunkka was drunk this series so extra props for the scoreline.
Game 2 MVP
Joric (23–3–20 pos. 2 Monkey King)
Joric realized the person he was laning against was unironically drunk and decided to show up to the midlane this game. Joric ended the game with double rapier and despite his ridiculous scoreline was able to secure his team a 1–1 in a 52 minute match.

CRAP 1–1 Trav2s

The Dire team won this game :)

Game 1 MVP
Aug (16–8–27 pos. 3 Slardar)
This was the most RD2L RD2L game I’ve ever seen. My team really did manage to snatch defeat out from the jaws of victory this week. Aug and StonedSpirit had a great game 1 performance regardless on Slardar and Faceless Void respectively. Shoutout to CRAP for ratting our ancient as 3 of his other heroes were on dieback with all 3 of my teams cores alive.
Game 2 MVP
Trav2s (3–6–28 pos. 5 Lich)
Fuck you guys I’m giving this to myself :). Game 2 was basically a rehash of game 1, but with less giga throwing from my team. Still enough throwing that forced a 25 minute treads-bkb-blink-deso-mkb TA from Aqua Road to not be able to close out the game until just past 40 minutes, but not enough for the CRAP team to win the game. Despite a fantastic TA performance and a great Faceless void game from BobbyPMA, I’m taking the MVP for outdamaging 6 of the 10 other players in the lobby as well as a game high 83% kill participation.

Be_SwiFT 1–1 Moca

Game 1 MVP
Dixie (16–4–11 pos. 3 Winter Wyvern)
Aight now this is epic. Pos 3 Wyvern coming out from Dixie. Game 1 was dead even until around the 30 minute mark when the Moca team won a teamfight and ran away with the game, shutting down the 24 pick Medusa. Between the 24 pick Medusa and the Moca Viper, I think we can all agree that this was the worst midlane matchup of week 2.

Game 2 MVP
Be_SwiFT (11–4–27 pos. 3 Brewmaster)
Redemption game from the captain as he recovered from a rough axe performance in game 1 to get the series tied at 1–1. Typical RD2L with a networth graph that looks like a heart rate monitor, including the always exciting “team with a networth advantage defeat”. A huge key to their success this game was Calamity on Riki who went 15–3–21 from the midlane.

thrillhouse 0–2 Vuvu

Game 1 MVP
ChowMains (18–6–7 pos. 1 Sven)
Fuck this dumb hero, but super impressive 1v5esque carry out of ChowMains in game 1. Grabbed just over 50% of his team’s total kills while leading the server in hero and tower damage dealt. ChowMains’ game was made easier by the massive amount of space created by his offlane duo who combined for 7–27–36 in the game.
Game 2 MVP
Choco (23–3–13 pos. 2 Ember Spirit)
Great news for the Vuvu team that Choco looks to have regained his dota form based on the last 2 weeks of games, especially this week as he backed up a decent Pugna showing in game 1 with a huge Ember performance in game 2. ChowMains once again put in a huge game as he racked up 18 more kills on carry weaver as well. The Vuvu team closed out the 2–0 behind 2 nearly unkillable cores as Choco and ChowMains combined for only 7 deaths.

Minicolt 0–2 Zend

Huge 1–2 Performance

Game 1 MVP
Grace (18–3–12 pos. 2 Clinkz)
The 1–2 duo of George and Grace put in another big game as they dominated en route to a 48 minute win. Minicolt was the saving grace of his team as he went 11–3 in nearly a complete stomp as his team lost by a kill score of 46–17. Despite the PA-Magnus combo, the Zend team closed game 1 out relatively easily.
Game 2 MVP
George (21–1–10 pos. 1 Juggernaut)
Almost an exact replay of game 1 where Minicolt tried his hardest to keep his team in it with a strong carry performance, this game on riki, but the Zend team was too dominant in the other lanes and took the game just under 40 minutes. George and Grace once again put big performances as this game George takes the MVP with a near flawless game 2.

50 Shades of Zika 0–2 Mags

Game 1 MVP
EZPZ (13–1–9 pos. 2 Storm Spirit)
This game really was EZPZ for Mags team (heh) as they pretty much dominated throughout this match, only conceding 10 deaths. This game was pretty much summed up as win 3 lanes and don’t giga throw going high ground and walk away with a 30-ish minute game 1 win. MVP could’ve gone to any of the 5 players from Mags team as everyone put in a solid game.
Game 2 MVP
Staylin (15–4–12 pos. 1 Drow Ranger)
Game 2 ended up being another case of a team losing with a networth advantage. Safe to say this game was much closer than game 1, but despite the networth being close, Staylin and EZPZ died just a combined 6 times in the 47 minute match. Shoutout to Mags as well for playing rasta and winning in 2020.

Waifu 2–0 Charbz

Game 1 MVP
Waifu (21–6–6 pos. 1 Morphling)
An impressive comeback from the Waifu team as they were down for the majority of the game as well as having to face a Detective Diglett Legion Commander that had racked up 350 duel damage by the end of the game. Eventually though, the Waifu Morphling was able to nearly solo carry his team to a win, especially after picking up a 47 minute rapier.
Game 2 MVP
Waifu (20–2–12 pos. 1 Phantom Assassin)
A much easier win for the Waifu team this game, but still a ridiculous performance out of the captain. Waifu nearly outdamaged the entirety of the enemy team this game as well as dealing more damage than the rest of his team combined. Kisses had a strong pos. 4 tiny performance as well.

Freightrain 2–0 Burgeoning

Game 1 MVP
Tiggles (8–4–28 pos. 4 Oracle)
Despite having to play oracle into an axe, morphling, and sniper, Tiggles was able to only die 4 times as well as his ember and spectre only combining for 4 deaths as well. This game was fairly one sided though, as the Freightrain Ember Spirit was able to run away with this game, going 16–2 while the Snlork spectre was able to farm and secure the late game. “
Game 2 MVP
Ticket your games :)

Fallen 2–0 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens

The rare, double flawless game from the 1,2

Game 1 MVP
Pengi (13–0–6 pos. 2 Morphling)
A straightforward victory for the Fallen team as they won all 3 lanes and choked the map out, not allowing the Garda Sven to free farm. They were able to close out the game under 30 minutes as well, including a combined 0 deaths between their pos. 1 and 2.
Game 2 MVP
Dr. Epik (5–1–10 pos. 5 Snapfire)
Game 2 was a bit closer than game 1, but the Fallen team had control for the most part as they held the networth lead throughout the midgame, despite having a 24 pick Arc Warden. The lane of Dr. Epik and Fallen dominated the game as the juggernaut was able to freely farm in the midgame after winning their lane. After coming out of lanes fairly okay with a very greedy lineup, they were able to finish the series 2–0 with a 32 minute win.

doofgod 2–0 Rice Boi

Game 1 MVP
doofgod (8–6–36 pos. 3 Dark Seer)
Managing to make the little purple manlet work in RD2L, doofgod had an impressive game as he tallied 86% kill participation. A huge comeback for the doofgod team as they had to recover from a huge deficit midgame to grab their 1st win of the season. Bambino playing faceless void had himself a very impressive game as the teamfight from the doofgod lineup was too much.
Game 2 MVP
PiNGdingDONG (12–2–14 pos. 4 Tiny)
Continuing their momentum from a comeback win in game 1, the doofgod team dominated game 2 behind a strong laning phase as well as a strong midgame timing thanks to double blink daggers coming out on doom and tiny. PiNGdingDONG had a supremely impressive series, playing both games on tiny and logging loads of kills and damage totals.

PrinceMeerkat92 1–1 Reggie

Game 1 MVP
bufflesxd (14–1–12 pos. 1 Juggernaut)
A massive game from the buffles Juggernaut as he grabbed a 21 minute phase-battlefury-manta after having to lane against a pos. 3 Timbersaw. Behind a free farming jugg, the Reggie team was able to roll through a game 1 win in just over 40 minutes. Apache and Yami116 had stand out performances on Leshrac and Dark Willow respectively.
Game 2 MVP
PrinceMeerkat92 (15–2–13 pos. 2 Sniper)
In a complete thrashing, the PrinceMeerkat92 team thoroughly dominated game 2 en route to a 1–1 series. Despite a flawless 13–0 performance from Itachi, MVP will go to the captain for being able to flex mid and dominate from the midlane, despite a relatively easy mid matchup. The kill score finished a rough 40–9 in probably the most 1 sided game in week 2.

FlyingNightmare 1–1 Burrahobbit

Game 1 MVP
FlyingNightmare (23–5–13 pos. 1 Troll Warlord)
Taking this weeks highest kill number is FN for his game 1 troll performance. His team was able to take a fairly back and forth game 1 win in 45 minutes, surviving a 16 kill Badger Sven.
Game 2 MVP
Burrahobbit (8–3–12 pos. 3 Nature’s Prophet)
A strong bounceback win for the Burrahobbit team behind a strong performance from the captain as well as Hexy’s mid Clinkz in game 2, who were able to shut down the FN Terrorblade. All 3 lanes for the Burrahobbit team went well and they were able to finish out game 2 just over 30 minutes to grab themselves their 1st win of the season. Shoutout to Badger for going a combined 20–6–15 in the series.

Week 3 Predictions

toth 2–0 TheMantis
Phoenix 0–2 Waifu
DoomCow33 2–0 Neku
Zend 0–2 Jerracabra
CRAP 0–2 Mags
Vuvu 2–0 Be_SwiFT
Trav2s 2–0 Moca
thrillhouse 0–2 doofgod
Freightrain 2–0 Fallen
Minicolt 2–0 FlyingNightmare
50 Shades of Zika 0–2 PrinceMeerkat92
Burrahobbit 0–2 Reggie
Charbz 0–2 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens
Rice Boi 2–0 Burgeoning

Week 2 Prediction Results

toth 2–0 Neku — 1–1
Phoenix 2–0 TheMantis — 1–1
DoomCow33 0–2 Jerracabra — 1–1
CRAP 0–2 Trav2s — 1–1
Be_SwiFT 0–2 Moca — 1–1
thrillhouse 2–0 Vuvu — 0–2
Minicolt 2–0 Zend — 0–2
50 Shades of Zika 0–2 Mags — 0–2
Waifu 2–0 Charbz — 2–0
Ecl9ipse 0–2 Burgeoning — 2–0
Fallen 2–0 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens — 2–0
doofgod 0–2 Rice Boi — 2–0
PrinceMeerkat92 2–0 Reggie — 1–1
FlyingNightmare 0–2 Burrahobbit — 1–1

Week 2 Points: 13 out of 28 … ALMOST decent.

Week 1 Points: 11 out of 28
Total Points: 24 out of 56