PST-SUN MVP’s and Predictions

toth 1–1 TheMantis

Game 1 MVP
/apex (28–3–12 pos. 1 Juggernaut)
Apex taking home the highest kill total in PST-SUN this week in game 1 of their series. Endqwerty added an impressive 7–2–27 statline on pos. 5 Crystal Maiden and the duo combined for 8 kills before 10 minutes in their safelane. As far as the toth team as a whole, all 3 lanes were won and they cruised to a comfortable 37 minute victory.
Game 2 MVP
Pango Unchained (8–6–24 pos. 4 Undying)
Going a perfect 7–0 in ticketed games on dirge, Pango Unchained once again dominated a game on dirge in rd2l. Grabbing 4 kills on the apex TB, all 3 lanes for TheMantis team won and they crushed the toth team 42–13 in a 27 minute win.

Phoenix 0–2 Waifu

Game 1 MVP
Lane (7–2–13 pos. 2 Necrophos)
For once this season not a complete 1v5 from Waifu for a game 1 win. Was a fairly passive game as the carries from each team just farmed, but Waifu hit a 30 minute timing with aegis (which he somehow got with all 10 heroes alive) and his team just walked down a lane and won the game. Also an INTERESTING lineup from the Phoenix team that included a tricore of Sven, Naga, and Spectre. Okay.
Game 2 MVP
EDD (10–6–20 pos. 3 Sand King)
Another big team win for the Waifu team as for a 2nd game in a row all 3 lanes drew according to dotabuff. All 3 cores this game had a strong game, but MVP will go to the 3 this game as the Sand King picked up a 14 minute pipe-boots-veil and created havoc on the map as from around minute 15 onward the Waifu team held a strong networth advantage throughout the rest of the game.

DoomCow33 1–1 Neku

Game 1 MVP
Chistorm (11–5–19 pos. 3 Snapfire)
Game 1 was a fairly big comeback for the Neku team as they recovered from a 15k networth disadvantage to win a back and forth 49 minute game. The snapfire-faceless void combo was strong as the snapfire was able to almost out damaged the enemy carry.
Game 2 MVP
Joric (14–3–10 pos. 2 Arc Warden)
Arc Warden players are cringe morons. Otherwise a shockingly similar game to game 1, but in the reverse in favor of the Doomcow team as they recovered from a 15k networth disadvantage to win a 42 minute game. Shoutout to local hedgehog cake enthusiast, bsvhsvj for his 2–3–28 scoreline on pos. 3 Bloodseeker as well.

Zend 1–1 Jerracabra

Game 1 MVP
Anbokr (12–3–15 pos. 1 Terrorblade)
Almost out damaging his team by himself, the Anbokr tb definitely led his team to a game 1 win. Winning a huge teamfight just after 30 minutes when both the pos. 3 Magnus and the pos. 2 Necro picked up their bkb’s, the game was out of reach for the Zend team after that, turning a slight networth advantage in the Zend team favor into a 10k advantage to the Jerracabra team only 5 minutes after the fight. Big props to Staples as well as he picked up his blink dagger just a minute after his Magnus who also went 1st item blink.

Classic RD2L Action

Game 2 MVP
George (17–5–13 pos. 1 Juggernaut)
I feel like if you draft techies and tinker in rd2l you should get shot into the sun, but here we are. The George Juggernaut ended the game 8 slotted with a moon shard and aghs eaten and dealt a massive 65.5k damage, keeping up with even his tinker. Outside of that I’m sure the thought of having to play into Techies-Tinker just wore down the Jerracabra team and by the 50th minute their spirits were broken.

CRAP 0–2 Mags

Game 1 MVP
EZPZ (15–3–11 pos. 2 Windranger)
A huge comeback for the Mags team as they came back from a networth lead that had ballooned up to 21k at the 38 minute mark. Down a midlane of racks, they were able to deal with a fairly huge 24 pick CK and eventually barrel down the midlane for a game 1 win. The midlaner for the Mags team had a massive game 1 as he led the server in most statistical categories as well as combining for only 5 deaths with his carry, Staylin.
Game 2 MVP
EZPZ (12–0–6 pos. 2 Queen of Pain)
After a rough finish to game 1, the CRAP team came out flat and got completely stomped in game 2, losing the game in just over 22 minutes. Not much else to write about here as 3 lanes lost and a QOP managed to get 12 kills in 22 minutes.

Vuvu 1–1 Be_SwiFT

Game 1 MVP
Hydra (4–1–18 pos. 5 Undying)
All 3 lanes won for the Be_SwiFT team and they completely stomped the game, winning in just 23 minutes. The Hydra Undying went an epic Aghs just before the game ended so huge props for that as that item is giga chad on dirge.
Game 2 MVP
Choco (13–3–13 pos. 2 Drow Ranger)
The Vuvu team was able to come out of lanes this game in not a terrible spot, as they only lost 2 lanes instead of 3, but still found themselves at a fairly large networth deficit in the midgame, coming back after a timely fight around choco’s bkb timing. 2 teamfights later and an almost 10k deficit turned into a 10k advantage and after that they cruised to a game 2 win to even the series.

Trav2s 0–2 Moca

Game 1 MVP
Ashen (10–1–12 pos. 1 Drow Ranger)
I’m writing this a week later and I’m still tilted over this series, but a big game 1 from Moca and Ashen as they both had huge game impact en route to a game 1 stomp. Moca made a plethora of space and Ashen came out of the jungle with a 19 minute lance-treads-butterfly and was unkillable after that.
Game 2 MVP
Moca (8–1–16 pos. 2 Visage)
Stealing Bloodninja’s hero, Moca was able to take the Visage and dominate game 2 in another stomp. Despite the game dragging out to almost 30 minutes, this game was even more of a stomp than game 1 as the killscore was a lopsided 32–11.

thrillhouse 0–2 doofgod

Game 1 MVP
Bambino (10–0–13 pos. 1 Clinkz)
A huge game from the doofgod stack as they only conceded 8 deaths this game, winning with a scoreline of 33–8 in 31 minutes. Bambino went a flawless 10–0 as he was the only hero in the server to not die and the only hero on his team to not have exactly 2 deaths. Despite the match taking over 30 minutes, this game was a complete stomp after laning stage.
Game 2 MVP
Bambino (23–7–12 pos. 1 Clinkz)
After a 10–0 game 1, the thrillhouse team decided that the Clinkz wasn’t the problem and let Bambino have it game 2, only for him to stomp game 2 just as hard. Game 2 definitely was much closer and the Bambino clinkz came out of lane pretty poorly, racking up 3 deaths by the 10 minute mark, but after a 28 minute BKB Clinkz only died 1 time while racking up a plethora of kills.

Freightrain 0–2 Fallen

Game 1 MVP
Pengi (14–1–12 pos. 2 Windranger)
The 1–2 combo of Pengi and fallen combined for 24–3–27 in game 1 as the Fallen team won a complete bloodbath of a game. Networth wise the game was fairly close throughout, but the Fallen team kept the lead for the entirety of the game as well as racking up over 43 kills in a 43–28 kill game in 45 minutes.

HOLY SHIT LMFAO — you REALLY hate to see it

Game 2 MVP
Rhyzerz (9–9–17 pos. 3 Elder Titan)
This is one of the most unfortunate networth graphs I’ve seen covering RD2L games over the past few seasons. The Rhyzerz ET was epic though, outdamaging his 5 slotted PA and going the chad echo-aghs build. Regardless, I’m sure the Freightrain team will want this one back as they lost despite having a 7 slotted Sven with aegis.

Minicolt 1–1 FlyingNightmare

Game 1 MVP
Ticket games please :)
Game 2 MVP
FlyingNightmare (12–3–12 pos. 1 Morphling)
Able to have a game despite being up against the vaunted USDanny Magnus and having to deal with a mag-pa lineup from the Minicolt team, FN was able to hit a strong e-blade timing and immediately turned that into several kills that ballooned their team’s networth lead from 2k to 9k in just under 3 minutes. After the midgame teamfights, the Minicolt team wasn’t able to keep up with the pace of the FN lineup and had to gg out before PA hit critical mass.

50 Shades of Zika 0–2 PrinceMeerkat92

Game 1 MVP
Itachi (16–2–17 pos. 1 Faceless Void)
Switching to carry to play void, Itachi dominated game 1 as the Meerkat team cruised to a game 1 win. Despite a lopsided killscore of 49–25 that remained lopsided throughout the game, the networth was even throughout the majority of the game. Despite Itachi’s monster 16–2 scoreline, game 1 was a solid team effort from the Meerkat team as all 5 of the members had solid games.

No Farming — just fighting

Game 2 MVP
Papaya (15–3–15 pos. 5 Oracle)
The Zika stack employed the “run at them” strategy a little too hard in game 2 as I’m not entirely sure if they actually hit creeps at any point in the game. The safelane of Papaya and Meerkat combined for 34 kills in game 2 as they cruised to a 2–0 series win.

Burrahobbit 0–2 Reggie

Game 1 MVP
Reggie (10–4–22 pos. 3 Void Spirit)
A fairly dominant game 1 win for the Reggie team as the tricore all had 10+ kills with <5 deaths and the 2–3 combo for the Burrahobbit team was almost completely shut down. Reggie will grab MVP for leading the server in kill participation as well as damage.
Game 2 MVP
Yami116 (6–1–19 pos. 4 IO)
Game 2 was a complete stomp. Prolonged to a miserable 34 minutes despite being down 11k at 21 minutes and behind in a killscore that ended 31–8, the Reggie team was able to put the Burrahobbit team out of their misery eventually. Yami 1st picked wisp and kept his carry alive the majority of the game as well as being apart of 25/31 of the team’s kills.

Charbz 2–0 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens

Game 1 MVP
Detective Diglett (9–7–23 pos. 2 Snapfire)
Despite a rough midlane against a Garda Earth Spirit, Diglett was able to press buttons and just shit out damage in game 1. Comboing with his pos. 1’s void, Diglett was able to lead his team in damage with his mkb-daedalus build as his team came back from a 10k disadvantage at the 25 minute mark to win a back and forth game in 57 minutes.
Game 2 MVP
Charbz (13–2–21 pos. 3 Night Stalker)
After an impressive game 1 with his laning partner Katyusha, the duo were able to draft the same heroes and dominated game 2. The Charbz team was able to cruise to a game 2 win after a back and forth game 1 en route to their 1st wins of the season and taking the series 2–0.

Rice Boi 1–1 Burgeoning

Game 1 MVP
Gronaldo (18–3–16 pos. 2 Monkey King)
Game 1 was impressively close up until the 35 minute mark, where the networth was dead even, but the 24 pick Monkey King was too much to handle for the Rice boi team as gronaldo put up just 8k damage shy of equalling his pos. 4 Zeus. Despite dominating throughout the game, the game was prolonged until the 51st minute, but the Burgeoning team was able to finally close out game 1 for their 1st win of the season.
Game 2 MVP
Logical (18–2–20 pos. 2 Leshrac)
I don’t give standins MVP’s normally, but I can’t within good faith not give MVP to Logical for his game 2 as he really put his team on his back doe, Greg Jennings style. Apart of an insane 38/42 of his team’s kills, Logical lead all statistical categories for the server en route to the Rice Boi’s team 1st win of the season.

Week 4 Predictions

Moca 0–2 Mags
Waifu 2–0 toth
Be_SwiFT 2–0 TheMantis
DoomCow33 2–0 Vuvu
Zend 0–2 Reggie
Neku 0–2 doofgod
Jerracabra 2–0 Fallen
Trav2s 2–0 PrinceMeerkat92
Phoenix 0–2 CRAP
Minicolt 2–0 thrillhouse
Freightrain 2–0 FlyingNightmare
Charbz 2–0 50 Shades of Zika
Rice Boi 2–0 Burrahobbit
Burgeoning 2–0 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens

Week 3 Prediction Results

toth 2–0 TheMantis — 1–1
Phoenix 0–2 Waifu — 0–2
DoomCow33 2–0 Neku — 1–1
Zend 0–2 Jerracabra — 1–1
CRAP 0–2 Mags — 0–2
Vuvu 2–0 Be_SwiFT — 1–1
Trav2s 2–0 Moca — 0–2
thrillhouse 0–2 doofgod — 0–2
Freightrain 2–0 Fallen — 0–2
Minicolt 2–0 FlyingNightmare — 1–1
50 Shades of Zika 0–2 PrinceMeerkat92–0–2
Burrahobbit 0–2 Reggie — 0–2
Charbz 0–2 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens — 2–0
Rice Boi 2–0 Burgeoning — 1–1

Week 3 Points: 16 out of 28 … getting better ! over .500 this time :)

Week 2 Points: 13 out of 28
Week 1 Points: 11 out of 28
Total Points: 40 out of 84



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