PST-SUN MVP’s and Predictions

Heads up I don’t give MVP out to stand ins.

Minicolt 1–1 Mags

Game 1 MVP
Minicolt (17–0–9 pos. 1 Lifestealer)
Starting the season out with a flawless lifestealer game to put his team up 1–0. In a surprisingly close game that saw a dead even networth difference 36 minutes into the game, the deciding factor was the lifestealer as the Mags team had no answer to it, only managing to take aegis from him once as he otherwise went deathless in the 45 minute game.
Game 2 MVP
EZPZ (15–2–18 pos. 2 Queen of Pain)
Generally it’s a good thing when dotabuff says you laned against no one because the clinkz was roaming, especially when the enemy midlaner is 0–4 by 11 minutes. In a much more 1 sided game 2, the Mags team stomped 2 lanes and dominated the game past 20 minutes to tie the series. Outside of a minute 3 death, Staylin had a near flawless 12–1–19 PA performance.

toth 2–0 Reggie

Game 1 MVP
toth (5–5–13 pos. 4 Lina)
This MVP should probably go to sleepy as he was the only player from toth team to win his lane and he lead the server in kills, but he played viper so fuck that. This team ran a 1–2 of Naga-Viper so fuck that and fuck this team for drafting that :). Regardless the offlane duo of toth and businessman put up a strong showing en route to a smooth game 1 win.
Game 2 MVP
Apex (14–2–10 pos. 2 Luna)
took his luna mid in order to avoid a DK into Monkey matchup and almost single handedly won the game for his team. Dealing 44% of his team’s total damage and hitting 843 GPM as he carried his team to a 2–0 week 1 win.

Phoenix 2–0 Ecl9ipse

Game 1 MVP
Austin of Backyardigans (5–2–16 pos. 4 Windranger)
Solid team game for the Phoenix team as they all put in great individual stat lines in a game 1 win. A 23 minute MKB on a 4 wind made a huge difference as Austin of Backyardigans became a 4th core for the Phoenix team. In an otherwise passive game 1, 1 big teamfight at the end was the deciding factor as a 2k networth lead ballooned to a 20k networth lead in just under 2 minutes for the win.
Game 2 MVP
7:30 (8–4–6 pos. 2 Outworld Devourer)
Not the most dominant statline to win MVP this week, but definitely had a solid game as his team took game 2 in a fairly 1 sided game 2. 7:30 also managed to make OD work in a rd2l match so props to him, even with a midas on his 1 and his 2.

Doomcow33 2–0 Charbz

Game 1 MVP
Joric (14–0–3 pos. 2 Magnus)
Joric dominated this game in a super 1 sided 24 minute stomp. Went blink->bkb which is kind of cringe, but it ended up working out as they ended the game before the enemy jugg was able to finish an item post drums.
Game 2 MVP
Doomcow33 (15–3–4 pos. 1 Phantom Lancer)
In another 1 sided match that ended under 30 minutes, the whole tricore of the DoomCow team combined for 27–6–34 in game 2 of the series. The captain himself put up over half his teams kills on a pos 1 PL so he’ll get the nod for MVP this game.

50 Shades of Zika 1–1 Waifu

Game 1 MVP
vktr (13–4–13 pos. 1 Faceless Void)
An impressive carry performance from vktr as his team shut down a waifu alchemist in a game 1 win. Alch never quite got his footing as his team only managed a 6k networth lead while running an alchemist lineup. That networth lead was short lived however as by 30 minutes the 50 Shades of Zika team was in the lead again and won the game before 40 minutes behind a huge void game from vktr.
Game 2 MVP
Lane (13–0–14 pos. 2 Queen of Pain)
In a reversal of game 1, the waifu team dominated the game, racking up 50 kills in a short 28 minute game. Considering the scoreline was 50–11, any member of the waifu team could’ve won MVP, but nod to Lane for putting up a deathless game on mid QOP. This game was a classic “win lane win game” game 2.

Fallen 0–2 Trav2s

Game 1 MVP
ZombiesExpert (15–2–11 pos. 3 Legion Commander)
Honestly both these games were the Aqua Road and ZombiesExpert show as they both dominated both games. Nod will go to ZombiesExpert for game 1 MVP as he put up a 300 duel damage legion performance. His LC was also responsible for 5 of the combined 11 deaths between the Fallen team’s Arc Warden and Gyrocopter duo.
Game 2 MVP
Aqua Road (12–2–10 pos. 2 Morphling)
Despite coming out of lanes fairly rough, this was a fairly 1 sided match as Aqua Road free farmed on mid morphling for the majority of the early game for a 16 minute treads-morbid-eblade. The morph was able to recover from 2 rough deaths back to back 3 minutes apart in the midgame for a game 2 win.

doofgod 0–2 Jerracabra

Game 1 MVP
Anbokr (15–0–7 pos. 1 Anti-Mage)
Despite getting to play AM in a pretty free AM game, still have to perform and Anbokr definitely did as he put up a flawless 15 kill performance in a game 1 stomp. Managed to put up a 13 minute battlefury despite going double wraith bands+treads and ended the game just shy of 800 gpm.
Game 2 MVP
Jerracabra (15–1–9 pos. 3 Queen of Pain)
Along with Staples, Jerracabra put up a very strong series for a convincing 2–0 to start the season. Managed to make 3 queen of pain work in the current patch. Although this game was closer than game 1, a back to back death at minute 18–19 from the enemy meepo ended this game as the Jerracabra team took control shortly after for a 28 minute win.

PrinceMeerkat92 0–2 CRAP

Game 1 MVP
AUG (8–2–17 pos. 3 Night Stalker)
Along with Blakkout, the pair were able to dominate the mid game as they had a spectre to make space for and a midlaner who had a rough laning stage. They did a superb job recovering the game as by 13 minutes their spectre and clinkz combined for 7 deaths. However, both spectre and clinkz were able to come back into the game and put up strong performances despite the rough early game for a game 1 win.
Game 2 MVP
StonedSpirit (14–2–10 pos. 1 Wraith King)
Despite getting 24 pick Arc Warden’d, the CRAP team was able to dominate game 2 and even managed to crack high ground and end the game by the 35 minute mark. StonedSpirit was able to get a fairly fast armlet-blink and managed to grab 3 of Arc Warden’s 6 deaths as well as 11 other kills in an impressive game 2 performance.

Zend 1–1 Vuvu

Game 1 MVP
George (15–2–10 pos. 1 Wraith King)
In an absolute bloodbath of a game, totalling up to 69 (nice) deaths in just under 36 minutes, George was able to lead the server in most statistical categories in a game 1 win. Paired with Grace, the 1–2 duo were unkillable as George’s 2 deaths were the only 2 times the pair died in game 1.
Game 2 MVP
ChowMains (24–2–16 pos. 1 Ursa)
The Vuvu team recovered from a game 1 loss and dominated game 2 as they had a 17k networth lead by the 23 minute mark. Some back and forth throwing as well as having to break highground against a medusa caused this game to last 43 minutes, but they were in control throughout. ChowMains put up the most kills this week in PST-SUN with 24.

Neku 2–0 Burrahobbit

Game 1 MVP
Neku (7–2–22 pos. 5 Undying)
The captain put in an insane game 1, dying only 2 times on the professional feeder hero dirge. Picking up a 25 minute greaves as well as spending the most amount on support items in the server. The Neku team was able to end game 1 in 32 minutes as it was pretty 1 sided after a catastrophic teamfight from the Burrahobbit team at the 18 minute mark that saw them lose all 5 heroes after an unfortunate Void Spirit DD rune.
Game 2 MVP
Pressure (11–7–13 pos. 2 Nature’s Prophet)
Absolutely shit out damage in this game, leading the server with 51k as well as 12.5k tower damage. Was huge in killing the 24 pick Storm Spirit as he picked up all 4 of the kills on storm in a VERY back and forth game 2 for a 2–0.

Rice Boi 0–2 TheMantis


Game 1 MVP
Mango Girl (15–5–13 pos. 1 Lone Druid)
Mango Girl managed to get LD in the 1st phase and showed out as TheMantis team took a very back and forth game 1. The 58 minute game ended with just a 1k networth lead for TheMantis team as the teams went back and forth bludgeoning each other with a bat throughout this game.
Game 2 MVP
Hell Yeah (18–4–10 pos. 2 Lina)
Was able to shut down the Rice Boi Shadow Fiend as he managed to grab 5 kills on the SF throughout the match. In a very 1 sided game, TheMantis team dominated throughout and grabbed a 42 minute game 2 win for the 2–0 behind a strong Lina performance from Hell Yeah as well as another big Lone Druid performance from Mango Girl.

Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens 0–2 Moca

Game 1 MVP
Bloodninja (11–3–10 pos. 4 Sand King)
The Sand King 4 turned into a 4th core as Bloodninja managed to grab 3 of Arc Warden’s 5 deaths in a quick 28 minute game 1 win. The Moca team was able to close the game out before the 30 minute mark against a 24 pick Arc Warden behind a strong team performance.

Cursed Lineup

Game 2 MVP
Moca (12–2–9 pos. 2 Visage)
Honestly don’t want to even cover this game due to this cursed ass lineup from the Moca team. Moca grabbed visage from Bloodninja and put up a dominant performance however, as they managed to get themselves a 10k networth advantage by the 18 minute mark.

Be_SwiFT 2–0 Burgeoning

Game 1 MVP
Viletesco (11–3–12 pos. 1 Lifestealer)
The Be_SwiFT team managed to make a Tinker lineup work in the current patch without even last picking it so props to them. Viletesco had a solid ls game as his team grabbed a back and forth game 1 win. Shoutout to Calamity for turning a 0–3 start by 7 minutes into a 10–3–14 statline, despite the fact that he picked tinker.
Game 2 MVP
Hydra (8–4–19 pos. 5 Phoenix)
In a much more 1 sided game 2, the Be_SwiFT team dominated en route to a 2–0 series win. They were able to set the tempo of the game and end the game before the Anti-Mage was able to come online, as he ended the game with just a battlefury.

FlyingNightmare 0–2 thrillhouse

Game 1 MVP
thrillhouse (11–2–22 pos. 5 Disruptor)
The captain had a supremely impressive statline on 5 raptor as he was just 2k damage shy of leading the server in damage as well as putting up the least amount of deaths. The thrillhouse team outpaced the FN PA and ended the match in 28 minutes before he really got online for a game 1 win.
Game 2 MVP
Emu (16–3–22 pos. 2 Void Spirit)
The immortal midlaner put in a big game 2, picking up a 12 minute orchid on mid void. Almost out damaging his pos. 1 spectre, Emu was able to lead his team to a game 2 win to take the series 2–0. Shoutouts to the FN ET who put up the 2nd most kills in PST this week, 21, in a losing effort.

Week 2 Predictions

toth 2–0 Neku
Phoenix 2–0 TheMantis
DoomCow33 0–2 Jerracabra
CRAP 0–2 Trav2s
Be_SwiFT 0–2 Moca
thrillhouse 2–0 Vuvu
Minicolt 2–0 Zend
50 Shades of Zika 0–2 Mags
Waifu 2–0 Charbz
Ecl9ipse 0–2 Burgeoning
Fallen 2–0 Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens
doofgod 0–2 Rice Boi
PrinceMeerkat92 2–0 Reggie
FlyingNightmare 0–2 Burrahobbit

Week 1 Prediction Results

Minicolt 2–0 Mags — 1–1
toth 2–0 Reggie — 2–0
Phoenix 0–2 Ecl9ipse — 2–0
DoomCow33 0–2 Charbz — 2–0
50 Shades of Zika 0–2 Waifu — 1–1
Fallen 0–2 Trav2s — 0–2
doofgod 0–2 Jerracabra — 0–2
PrinceMeerkat92 2–0 CRAP — 0–2
Zend 2–0 Vuvu — 1–1
Neku 0–2 Burrahobbit — 2–0
Rice Boi 2–0 TheMantis — 0–2
Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens 2–0 Moca — 0–2
Be_SwiFT 0–2 Burgeoning — 2–0
FlyingNightmare 0–2 thrillhouse — 0–2

I’m going to keep a running total of my predictions, I’m giving myself 1 point for each game win I predict correctly.
Week 1 Points: 11 out of 28….. I suck :)



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