PST-SUN Week 1 Predictions

MVP’s for scrim week hella pointless Edition

6 min readSep 7, 2020


Disclaimer: I don’t predict 1–1’s. 1–1’s are for weenies.

Minicolt 2–0 Mags

I think this game will be closer than a 2–0, with Mags team going an even 1–1 in scrim week I believe against doofgod, their loss coming at the hands of a 70 minute Arc Warden game. (they were the arc warden team :peeposleepie:) Minicolt team drew 1–1 with Meerkat team. Most likely this will come down to the carry matchup between Staylin and Minicolt and I’ll take Minicolt if I had to take one of the two.

toth 2–0 Reggie

I will predict this toth team to win against almost anyone in the division because they’re top 3 in my opinion and scrim week solidified those thoughts as they grabbed 2 quick wins against TheMantis team in 25 and 29 minutes respectively. Apex went a combined 15–2–29 across both games. On the flip side, Reggie team went 0–2 against the Zesty memes team, but was a bit of a Frankenstein team as they were using 1–2 stand ins I believe, so can’t take too much from scrim week for them. That being said, this just comes down to my faith in the toth team being very high and I think they start their season with a 2–0.

Phoenix 0–2 Ecl9ipse


This is definitely going to be a VERY close series in my opinion. I’m giving Ecl9ipse team the edge due to my EST-SUN bias as well as Freightrain mid who had a great scrim week, going 19–1–18 on Zeus in their win and a 6–3–4 Magnus game where his team got stomped and he contributed to almost 50% of his team’s total kills against the Burrahobbit team. Phoenix team also grabbed a 1–1 in scrim week against the CRAP team. They 24 picked brood game 1. Ew.

Doomcow33 0–2 Charbz

Both of these teams went 0–2 in scrim week, but both played teams who I rated highly in my post draft power rankings, the Jerracabra team 2–0'd Doomcow who I rated 4th, and the Waifu team 2–0'd the Charbz team who I rated 7th. A team running back an iteration of an old lineup and losing scrim week when most teams are getting to know each other for the most part doesn’t exactly bode well for the Doomcow team and Charbz team was missing Charbz for scrim week so I’ll give them the edge in week 1.

50 Shades of Zika 0–2 Waifu

Iconic Waifu Bounty Hunter in game 1

Big fan of any Waifu team in RD2L. Waifu also 2–0'd scrim week winning a marathon game 1 that lasted almost 70 minutes and then coming back with a game 2 stomp. The Zika stack on the other hand went 0–2 albeit in a very close series with the Vuvu team where both games could have gone either way.

Fallen 0–2 Trav2s

I don’t think I’ll ever predict my own team to not 2–0 even if we end up 2–12 going into the last week or some shit. My team 2–0'd scrim week in 2 fairly straightforward games that were made closer thanks to an inability to break highground in game 1 and a few very dank fountain dives in game 2. The Fallen team 1–1'd Zend team in scrim week, however I don’t have a screenshot of the matches nor were they ticketed so I’ll just say they did well :).

doofgod 0–2 Jerracabra

Anbokr absolutely killed it in scrim week, going 16–3–12 game 1 on juggernaut and 1 upping that performance with a 24–2–11 Night Stalker in game 2, both in W’s. I think he continues that form going into week 1, despite a strong doofgod offlane. doofgod team went 1–1 against Mags in scrim 1week, so they definitely can take the series here as they showed they can slow down a high level carry (Staylin) in scrim week.

PrinceMeerkat92 2–0 CRAP

I think this Meerkat team is much better than I gave them credit for in my post draft power rankings. I’m giving them the edge here in a close series because Itachi is a pure midlaner and the CRAP team doesn’t really have a midlaner that only plays mid. Both teams went 1–1 in scrim week, but the Meerkat stack took a game off the Minicolt team, who was regarded as one of the top teams coming out of draft.

Zend 2–0 Vuvu

Although Vuvu team 2–0'd scrim week and Zend only pulled a 1–1, I think the Fallen team that Zend team played is the stronger of the 2 opponents of these teams. Vuvu team was also inexplicably allowed to 24 pick a Clinkz for known clinkz spammer choco in game 1. Regardless, this will most likely end up 1–1 as one of the big question marks for this Vuvu team going into the season was how choco was going to shake off the rust, and he dominated both games, going 12–5–7 and 15–4–15.

Neku 0–2 Burrahobbit

The Neku team had probably the most impressive scrim week as they 2–0'd the Rice boi team, but they had a standin for their carry player and their standin dominated both games in the series. Regardless, I don’t think the stand in was a rigged stand in and their scrim week bodes well for their season, but I still am giving the edge to the Burra team in week 1. The Burrahobbit team played the Ecl9ipse team to a 1–1 in scrim week.

Rice Boi 2–0 TheMantis

Although both teams went 0–2 in scrim week, I think Rice Boi team takes this game fairly easily as he’ll be laning against an Ancient. TheMantis team will also have to lane their immortal safelane into a fairly high mmr offlane in Halfcast+fspoon. Matchup wise I think this game favors the Rice Boi team on paper so I’m giving them the edge here.

Zesty Memes for Asian Tweens 2–0 Moca

Zesty memes is coming off a 2–0 in scrim week against a Reggie team that was missing a few players, but still a strong result nonetheless. Moca on the other hand went 0–2 against the Trav2s team. I think Garda is will be the best player in the server for this game and he should be able to carry his team to a 2–0 this week, although the Moca team is solid throughout and will definitely be a close matchup.

Be_SwiFT 0–2 Burgeoning

Be_SwiFT team was one of 2 teams that didn’t show up for scrim week, so this will be most likely the first time this team will be playing together. Burgeoning team on the other hand went 0–2 in scrim week against thrillhouse team. Neither game was a stomp exactly, but they didn’t really get their footing in either game and lost both fairly convincingly. Like Garda, gronaldo will be the best player in the server this game so I’ll give his team the edge here based on that alone.

FlyingNightmare 0–2 thrillhouse

The other team to no show scrim week, the FlyingNightmare stack will most likely be playing their first games together this week against the thrillhouse team that 2–0'd the Burgeoning stack. Although they used a stand in for their scrim week series for their captain, thrillhouse, I’ll give them the edge here as they’ve gotten some time to gel together and their offlane of deadprez+Lucas played at a very high level in scrim week, despite their pos 3 being only legend rank.

Goodluck in week 1 everyone :) MVP’s will be out next week when things are actually ticketed.